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How Icons impact UX design

How Icons impact UX design Icons are ubiquitous. They are everywhere in our lives. As we’re sat here, typing this out, there are at least twenty visible icons


Microinteractions: What Are They?

Micro-interactions: What Are They? You’re using a chat app to talk to a friend. Anytime they take a while to type a message, a familiar indicator appears, along

31 Shared Styles Using Sketch

Shared Styles using Sketch

Hey guys, It’s been a long time! Remember the previous guide on Text Styles using Sketch? Today, I will be sharing tips on using Shared Styles.  Here we go!


CNY 2018

Gong Xi Fa Cai! To kickstart the auspicious new year, JIN Design welcomed two new Visual Team members – Sam and Yinpei, based in Malaysia. It’s been a


How to manage a Design Team

It can be a challenge to manage and lead a creative team. With JIN design’s rapid growth (we doubled our team within a year!), we began focusing a


One Concept Approach

In the industry, sharing multiple concepts with clients is common and we too often get clients asking how many concepts we will be presenting. “To us, quality trumps


Understanding Project Management

We all know that project management skills apply to almost all industries. Every organization defines role and responsibilities differently – in JIN Design – a UI / UX


A New Year, A Fresh Perspective

Here we go again! Year after year, we set new year resolutions and goals to achieve. Next year, we’ll eat healthier. Next year, we’ll go to the gym


Text Styles using Sketch

Ho ho ho guys! Hope you had a great Christmas, now it’s time to get back to the grind. It is great to have a style guide for each project,


Designing for Senior Citizens

Earlier, we were commissioned by an organization of educators to design an event-based responsive web. Our audience comprised of a very specific age group – The Silver Generation.