Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Streamlining Your Event Planning Needs

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Organising an event in Singapore can be a complex task. Capterra lists the best Event Management Software to ease this process. This article will guide you through selecting the perfect software to streamline your event planning needs, featuring the top options available.

Let’s dive in and make your next event a breeze!

What is Event Management Software?

Event management software serves as a powerful tool designed to assist in the organisation and execution of various types of events. It streamlines the entire event planning process by automating tasks, reducing manual work, and ensuring efficient handling of details from start to finish.

With features like robust guest list management and real-time attendance tracking, this technology simplifies complex logistical challenges into manageable tasks. Such platforms are essential for professionals seeking the best event management software in Singapore who aim to deliver memorable experiences without being overwhelmed by the intricacies involved.

Moving forward, understanding how to choose the right event management software becomes crucial for success in this field.

How to Choose the Right Event Management Software

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When choosing the right event management software, ensure the reliability of the support team. Consider the data management capabilities and define requirements for the EMS early on.

  • Verify reliability of support team – Checking the support team’s reliability stands as a crucial step in selecting an event management system. Look for online reviews, testimonials, ratings, and case studies that speak to their credibility. These resources provide insight into how effective the support team is at solving problems and offering guidance when you need it most.
  • Consider data management capabilities – Selecting event management software with robust data management capabilities is crucial. These features not only streamline your event planning needs but also provide valuable insights through increased data and analytics. Look for systems that offer customisable registration pages and seamless payment processing, ensuring a smooth user experience from start to finish.
  • Define requirements for the EMS early on – Identifying your needs for an event management system (EMS) at the beginning can save you time and effort. Think about what types of events you’ll be planning, whether they’re in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of both. This step is crucial because it directly influences which event planning software will serve you best. You must consider the technological requirements and specific market needs that match your objectives.
  • Decide between in-house or external service – Choosing between in-house or external event management service hinges on your organisation’s specific needs and capabilities. If your team possesses the expertise and resources to handle event planning effectively, an in-house solution could streamline operations while keeping control within your premises. On the flip side, outsourcing to a specialised external service may offer access to broader experience, advanced technology, and possibly more innovative solutions that could elevate the success of your events.

Best Event Management Systems in Singapore

Singapore offers a wide range of event management software tailored to meet every need and budget. Below is a table summarising some of the best options available, ensuring businesses can organise engaging and lead-generating events effectively.


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: eventx

Our sales team provides custom plans for event professionals with specific requirements. Enjoy bespoke support, tailored pricing, and additional benefits through partnership.

Contact Info+65 9345 2886


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software:  cvent

Cvent Registration allows you to design stunning, fully branded event websites with no coding required. Gain free access to our user-friendly tools and features, paying only when attendees register for your event.

Email Addressvia contact page
Contact Info+1 703-226-3500


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: LineUpr

LineUpr is your digital solution for engaging participants at hybrid, on-site, or virtual events. Our platform offers interactive surveys, polls, and networking features to connect with your audience, no matter their location.

Contact Info+49 351 89664695


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Eventdex

Eventdex provides a seamless, user-friendly, all-in-one platform designed to assist organizers in planning, promoting, and executing events effortlessly. By centralizing your event management, you eliminate data entry mishaps and streamline the process. Leverage Eventdex to engage a worldwide audience and embrace the future of event planning.

Contact Info+1866-850-5872


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Centrix

Our event management platform simplifies the entire event planning journey, from inception to completion. Catering to a diverse range of events, from intimate business conferences and lavish weddings to grand music festivals, we ensure every detail is perfectly managed.

Contact Info+65 6405 4173


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Fortunesoft

Fortunesoft stands as a premier software product engineering and consulting firm, specializing in cloud-native technologies. We deliver cutting-edge digital transformation solutions tailored for the Health Tech, Life Science, Fintech, and Edutech sectors, driving innovation and excellence in each domain

Contact Info+65-3158-1762


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a global platform that empowers creators with the tools and resources to seamlessly plan, promote, and produce live events of any size. From small workshops and webinars to large-scale concerts and confere

Email AddressVia contact us page
Contact InfoVia contact us page


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: swoogo

Swoogo is an innovative event management platform designed to simplify and streamline the planning, execution, and analysis of events for organizers worldwide. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, powerful registration tools, and dynamic reporting capabilities, Swoogo makes it easier than ever for professionals to create engaging, successful events.

Contact InfoVia contact us page


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Ticketbud

Ticketbud is a user-friendly online ticketing platform that enables event organizers to efficiently manage ticket sales and registrations for events of all sizes and types. From local workshops and fundraisers to large festivals and conferences, Ticketbud provides a comprehensive suite of tools that simplifies the ticketing process, including customizable event pages, real-time sales tracking, and robust marketing integrations.

Contact Info+1 844-376-6061


ESingapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: eventMobi

Specializing in creating engaging mobile event apps, EventMobi facilitates interactive agendas, networking opportunities, live polling, and real-time feedback, making it ideal for conferences, trade shows, and corporate meetings.

Contact Info+1 888-296-8415


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Stova

Stova, formerly known as EventsAir, is a cutting-edge event management platform that revolutionizes the way events are planned, executed, and experienced. Designed to support event organizers in delivering exceptional meetings, conferences, and exhibitions, Stova offers a robust suite of tools for attendee management, engagement, and analytics.

Contact Info+44-118-207-6119


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Wrike

Wrike is a versatile cloud-based project management and collaboration platform that enables teams to efficiently plan, coordinate, and execute projects and workflows of all sizes. With its comprehensive set of tools, including task management, time tracking, document sharing, and real-time communication features, Wrike is designed to streamline project processes and enhance productivity.

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Contact Info+1 650 353 5424

Manage Engine

Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Manage Engine

ManageEngine is a comprehensive suite of IT management software solutions designed to cater to all aspects of IT operations, including network management, server and application monitoring, IT service management, and security.

Contact Info+1 888-720-9500

Conference App

Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software:  member clicks

The Conference App by MemberClicks is an add-on product designed to elevate your events, offering an enhanced experience for both organizers and attendees. This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with MemberClicks’ membership management platform, providing features such as personalized schedules, interactive maps, live polling, and networking opportunities.

Email Addressvia contact us page
Contact Info+1 800-914-2441


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Trinax

Dive into the essence of a newly constructed physical space with our 360-degree experiential virtual event, designed to transport online visitors from across the globe directly into the venue’s core. This immersive experience allows participants to explore every corner, nook, and cranny of the space as if they were physically present, breaking down geographical barriers and offering a unique perspective on the architecture and design.

Contact Info+65 6694 8700


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Hashmicro

Enhance your event planning efficiency with HashMicro’s Event Management System. This comprehensive software solution streamlines every aspect of event organization, from attendee registration to budget management, all within a single platform.

Contact Info+6560186387


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Idloom

Designed with the modern organizer in mind, simplifies every aspect of event planning and execution, from registrations to attendee engagement. Experience a seamless, cost-effective solution that brings your events into the digital age, all while maintaining high levels of efficiency and ease of use.

Contact Info+1 206-629-6373

Momentus Technologies

Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Momentus Technologies

This intuitive system empowers teams to coordinate every detail of their events, from logistics to execution, ensuring that each moment is extraordinary. With Momentus, you can streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and elevate the quality of your events, all while leveraging the convenience and flexibility of cloud technology

Email Addressvia contact us page
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Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Whova
Contact Info+1 (855) 978-6578


Singapore’s Best 20 Event Management Software: Accelevents
Contact Infotel:857-254-8035

Features to Look for in Event Management Software

When choosing event management software, look for features such as online registration and ticketing, onsite check-in and badging, virtual event platform, and business matchmaking.

To learn more about how these features can benefit your event planning process in Singapore, keep reading.

  • Online registration and ticketing – Event management software in Singapore should include robust online registration and ticketing features. These are vital for streamlining the event planning process and ensuring a smooth experience for both organisers and attendees.
  • Onsite check-in and badging – Efficient onsite check-in and badging are crucial for successful event management. Streamlined event kiosk check-in is essential for ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for attendees. Onsite event badge printing software can speed up the registration process, reducing wait times, and enhancing overall attendee satisfaction.
  • Virtual event platform – The virtual event platform is a crucial feature to consider when selecting the best event management software in Singapore. Whova stands out with its comprehensive approach, offering an all-in-one solution for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. With over dynamic features tailored to create a seamless virtual meeting experience, it provides a robust platform for event planners to engage their attendees effectively.
  • Business matchmaking and networking – To ensure successful events, business matchmaking and networking are essential components of event management. Event management software in Singapore offers tools to simplify these processes, facilitating connections between attendees and streamlining collaboration between businesses.

Advantages of Using Event Management Software

Event management software enhances efficiency and organisation, optimising the entire event planning process. It also improves attendee experience by providing seamless registration, networking, and engagement opportunities.

Increased efficiency and organisation

Event management software plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and organisation for event planners. By automating tasks such as registration, ticketing, and attendee communication, it streamlines the entire event planning process.

This software also simplifies logistics management, allowing for seamless coordination of vendors, speakers, and schedules. Consequently, time-consuming manual processes are reduced and the risk of errors is minimised.

Enhanced attendee experience

Event management software plays a crucial role in enhancing the attendee experience by providing real-time information and interactive experiences through mobile apps. The software ensures smooth collaboration and successful partnerships, ultimately benefiting both in-person and virtual events.

Virtual event management software creates engaging and interactive experiences for attendees, while online registration and ticketing streamline the process, ensuring convenience for participants.

Ability to handle both in-person and virtual events

Event management software in Singapore provides the flexibility to manage both physical and virtual events seamlessly. This means that whether you are planning a traditional conference or a cutting-edge online event, the software offers comprehensive tools to ensure smooth execution.

With the rising prominence of virtual and hybrid events, having the capability to handle both in-person and virtual gatherings is essential for any modern event management solution.


Find your perfect match for event management software with the top options available in Singapore. Tailor-made scheduling and booking systems are designed to meet all your online and offline event needs, from conferences to webinars.

Capterra’s list includes the most reliable options that streamline the planning process for businesses. Additionally, government agencies can utilise Cvent’s highly recommended Event Management Software for efficient event organisation.

With these tools at your disposal, organising engaging and successful events has never been easier.


1. What can event management software do for my event?

Event management software helps you organise, plan and run your event smoothly from start to finish.

2. Is using event management software expensive?

The cost varies, but there are options available that fit both small budgets and larger-scale needs.

3. Can I use this software for any type of event?

Yes, most event management software is versatile enough to support different types of events.

4. Will it be difficult to learn how to use the software?

Many programmes are user-friendly with easy-to-follow tutorials and customer support.

5. Can I track my event’s success through the software?

Yes, you can monitor registrations, attendance, feedback, and more to measure your event’s success.


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