Elementor the ideal all-in-one web design solution.

Wish you could create an entire website with a few clicks on one simple interface? With Elementor, the #1 site builder on WordPress, you can! Features like the drag-and-drop editor and integrated web analytics tracking tools make Elementor the ideal all-in-one web design solution.
At JIN, we use Elementor in all our WordPress-based web design services—our experienced team is here to help you make the best of working with Elementor.

Our Notable Past Work.

Whether you’re an MNC, SME or startup, looking to make an impact in Singapore and beyond, rest assured that we’re a web design agency that will give you the right support you need.

Why Elementor?

The world's #1 WordPress compatible website builder—no matter what type of site you’re looking to build, Elementor has you covered!.

Clean code

Had bad past experiences where messy code bogged down your web performance? Look forward to a lighter and more streamlined coding process on Elementor.

One-stop solution

Elementor offers the full suite of plugins you need to run an optimised website, plus a range of optional add-ons to meet your needs.

Responsive support

The Elementor support team is on standby 24/7, ensuring that your website isn’t compromised by extended downtime and other issues.

Web animation-friendly

With support for Lotties, GIFs, APNGs and more, Elementor renders smooth, high-resolution animated elements without sacrificing loading speed.

Custom code enabled

Elementor’s real-time drag and drop feature lets you place any set of custom tracking codes or javascript, with zero hassle.

Integrated web analytics

Elementor is outfitted with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook event tracking, heatmap monitoring and more.

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What Our Clients Say.

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Why JIN Design?

We’re proficient in Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress-based web design builder that we’re very familiar with. No matter what style or function you’d like your website to feature, our lean tea is ready to sort it out with our expertise.

We know what works and what doesn’t

We study websites across industries and have experience with tried-and-tested elements in all aspects of web design—this means we know what constitutes a high-performing site.

We’re Elementor extensions experts

The range of extensions we work with are guaranteed to be compatible and high-performing, and most importantly they will align with your specific goals.

We’re good listeners

We’ll communicate with you throughout the design process to ensure that your vision and goals are met in the final product.

We’re perfectionists

We go through a detailed and exhaustive checklist process to guarantee that your website is in optimal condition when we hand it over to you.

We’re on your side

Have any questions or concerns? Are there further changes you’d like to make on the website yourself but are unsure of where to start? Simply reach out to us and we’ll be glad to guide you.

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About JIN Design.

JIN Design is a web design and development company based Singapore. We specialise in user experience design, user interface design and copywriting for websites.

What you can expect more from us.

We Make the Best of Elementor to Drive Results for Your Website.

Custom CSS to help your site stand out

CSS is the visual component that dictates appealing web design. Our web developers are ready to use their coding expertise to craft a stunning looking webpage for you.

Smooth and bite-sized web animation in Lottie format

Lottie is a revolutionary element in the web design industry. It’s a JSON based animation file with excellent quality despite its tiny size, guaranteeing higher web performance for your site.

Various fixed templates for long-term use

From pop-ups and web pages to blog pages, we prioritise optimal levels of user experience. We make sure to create effective and scalable templates that boost your conversion rates.

Design approach

Whether your desired style is sleek and minimal or colourful and bold, your vision anchors the work that we do at JIN. We do our best to meet your goals and expectations in creating a dynamic, customised website.

Dynamic content

Our team of in-house developers are well-equipped to build dynamic and compelling content for your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Elementor is known as one of the best website builders in the industry. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to design and build a web page or an entire site, all on a single editing platform.

All you need to do is install Elementor as a plugin on your WordPress account. The Elementor visual editor lets you build pages by dragging and dropping different elements and experimenting with various widgets, add-ons and customisable features.

A tool like this will significantly boost your SEO, driving conversions in the long run.