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Google Universal Analytics Will Stop Working on 1 Jul 2023

Universal Analytics will cease data recording operations on July 1, 2023. To continue your website’s data history, ensure that your Google Analytics 4 configurations are properly established or initiate migration IMMEDIATELY.

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What Enhancements Does GA4 Offer?.

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Unsampled Data

GA4 has eliminated sampling in standard reports, offering unlimited data collection. Access to unsampled data is crucial as it guarantees the reliability of the data you base your decisions on.

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Comprehensive User Journey

It's simpler than ever to focus on customer behavior and identify areas needing more marketer attention or strategy shifts.

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Expanded Segmentation Options

GA4 allows for the creation of more targeted segments for your marketing campaigns based on events, an option not available in UA, and you can incorporate the element of time if desired.

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Engagement Metrics

GA4 replaces the bounce rate, which tracks users that leave a page without any activities, with positive data on user engagement.

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Cross-platform Tracking

GA4 integrates Firebase Analytics data from apps and Google Analytics data from websites, making comprehensive cross-platform engagement visibility far less laborious.

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Advanced Analysis

The advanced analysis tools and custom funnel creation capabilities once exclusive to GA360 users are now freely accessible in GA4.

Accelerated Migration to Google Analytics 4 in under 3 days

In a rush to migrate to Google Analytics 4? Our Urgent Migration plan gets you there in less than three days.

Don’t let the Universal Analytics shutdown on July 1st, 2023 interrupt your data flow or decision-making. Take advantage of our swift, hassle-free migration service.

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Why is GA4 Migration an Urgency?

The clock is ticking. Google will be discontinuing Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023, rendering new data tracking impossible with UA. The logical decision for those serious about analytics, data tracking, and measurement is to migrate to GA4. Here are a few persuasive reasons to make the switch now:

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Increased Data Privacy

GA4 prioritizes data privacy and security. It includes privacy controls and complies with industry-standard protocols such as GDPR, CCPA, and more.

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Superior Measurement

GA4 provides enhanced data collection and precision over previous versions, delivering more detailed insights into your audience and consumer habits.

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Streamlined Integration

GA4 is designed to integrate smoothly with other Google products and services, simplifying your data integration and analytics processes.

Our Cost-effective GA4 Migration & Setup Service Packages

Standard Package

Ideal for: Business or corporate websites
$ 750 Monthly
  • Migration plan design & GA4 event schema documentation
  • Tag implementation & Quality assurance
  • Google Ads & Google Search Console integration (where applicable)
  • Setup of basic reports (Standard & Explorer reports)
  • One month of email support

Ecommerce Package

Ideal for: Ecommerce businesses
$ 2000 Monthly
  • Migration plan design & GA4 event schema documentation
  • Implementation of tags and Ecommerce tracking
  • Google Ads & Google Search Console integration (where applicable)
  • Setup of eCommerce reports (Standard & Explorer reports)
  • One month of email support

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