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Imagine never having to worry about maintaining your website in Singapore. From website maintenance, updates to website security, we’ve got you covered with our simple and effective maintenance plans.


What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance encompasses all processes and activities essential to securing and maintaining your website. It includes the following items.

Do You Need This Service?

Take a little time to consider the questions below.

Questions to think through


Is your website version and plugins updated consistently?


Is your website loading fast enough?


Is your website protected against the latest security threats, especially WordPress vulnerability attacks?


Is there anyone looking after your website?


Do you know whether your website has been hacked?


Do you back up your website daily?

Also take a minute to consider this

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The Internet environment is changing rapidly as we speak. Most open-source code like jQuery and WordPress are updated by developers every day.

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Furthermore, the Internet can be a very scary place if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

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Tons of websites have been hacked with malicious content inserted. All with businesses unaware. Furthermore, even seemingly minor issues like an outdated website plugin can result in information leaks.

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Your businesses doesn’t have to face a potential loss in revenue just because your website doesn’t perform well for customers. Your business can be protected against today’s threats if it has a team looking after your website.

How Can We Help?

If you're looking for website maintenance in Singapore, we're here to look after your website’s security and tackle all security threats.

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Website Monitoring

Continuous monitoring by experts, ensuring your website's reliability around the clock.

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Vulnerability Updates

Immediate updates and protection against vulnerable website plugins.

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Monitor Security Threats

Real-time monitoring of security community news for prompt action.

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Monitor Real-Time IP

Monitoring of IP activities to preemptively address potential DDOS attacks.

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Daily Backups

Secure and reliable daily off-site backups for quick emergency recovery.

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Site Recovery

Warranty services for fixing bugs and restoring normal website functionality after updates.

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Weekly Updates

Consistent updates of Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core.

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Update Password Frequently

Regular updating of website passwords for user accounts.

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Speed Optimization

Top-tier WordPress tools to significantly improve website loading speed.

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Monthly Reporting

Detailed monthly reports on all website updates and activities.

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Website Edits

Quick, efficient same-day website editing services.

Key Benefits of Working With Us.

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You won’t be dealing with automated bots.

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Easily contactable

We’ll always be a WhatsApp text or call away.

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Save precious time

With us, you won’t have to spend time and effort maintaining a website yourself.

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Our prices are designed to be affordable for all businesses.

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Fast turnaround

We’ll handle all your emergencies within the day.

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Web Maintenance

Allow us to handle all fixes and development, offering continuous maintenance, updates, and dedicated support.


WordPress Support & Maintenance Packages.

Comprehensive Care Plans from a round-the-clock Website Support Partner, managing all facets of your WordPress site.



Maintain + Update




Custom Site

Contact for Quotation

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Maintain + Update
Custom Site
Contact for Quotation
Weekly WP Updates Our team will provide plugin, theme, and core file updates for your WordPress site every single week. Each update is thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure optimal performance.
Emergency Support Our global team is available 24/7, including weekends. In case of any crises, we are equipped to handle them promptly and efficiently, ensuring your site is well-maintained and supported at all times.
Uptime Monitoring We conduct automated uptime checks around the clock to ensure your site is always monitored and running smoothly.
SSL and HTTPS issues We’ll promptly fix any SSL or HTTPS issues that arise, particularly those caused by updates, to maintain your site’s security and functionality..
Site Recovery & Website Backups Your site’s backups are securely saved on our cloud storage and password protected. In any event of data loss, we have your website files and database securely stored, with a one-click backup recovery option.
Weekly Backup
Daily Backup
Daily Backup
Daily Backup
WP Activity Log Includes a premium license for WP Activity Log, the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin. It helps in recording user changes, aiding troubleshooting, and identifying suspicious behavior early to prevent malicious attacks.
Websites Edits* Our services include editing website texts, fixing issues, uploading new articles, changing plugin settings, and minor CSS adjustments. Please note, this does not cover custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc.), updating custom code, or graphic design.
Premium Wordfence License We provide one of the most robust security plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem. Wordfence helps protect your site against the latest security threats.
Speed Optimisation Our goal is to improve your Google Page Speed score to above 75 for desktop and above 50 for mobile. For further optimization, we also offer an advanced optimization plan.
eCommerce Site Support We provide specialized support for eCommerce sites, ensuring smooth and secure operations.
Support for Advanced WordPress Functionality Our services include support for advanced WordPress functionalities like membership systems, quotation features, and more.
Support Custom Built Sites We offer support for custom-built WordPress sites, including those with custom code.
Custom Functionality Testing We provide support for testing your site’s custom functionalities, ensuring they work seamlessly and efficiently.

Need A Quick Website Fix? Experiencing Slowness? Urgent Updates Required?

Trusted daily by numerous WordPress site owners, we swiftly handle issues, downtime, performance, or urgent changes. Choose your service below and quickly connect with our team!

One-Time Fix

Repair My WordPress Site Immediately. Fixed-price priority service for one specific issue

Malware Removal

Rapid connection to our team for immediate site cleaning and future hack protection.

Update Plugins, Theme, WordPress Version

Upgrade my website's version to address conflicts or incompatibilities.

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What Our Clients Say.

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How to Get Started.

Securing your website is easy. Contact us today and our consultant will call you to assess your site’s security needs.

Asked Questions.

Yes, you can always maintain a website yourself if you know how to. However, this could cost you precious time that could be spent building your business.

Yes, although this may be more costly for you. We have all the required processes and systems in place to maintain websites consistently.

Yes, he or she can. But based on our experience, most developers aren’t interested in maintaining websites. While developers are great at developing websites and apps, maintaining a website might not be their area of interest or even expertise. 

Yes, we can give a lump-sum discount when you subscribe on a quarterly or yearly basis.

We currently don’t. However, we’re developing our team so we can expand into other CMS types. 

Amazon Web Server is a very secure server when set up properly. However, it protects only your back-end, not your front-end. WordPress releases updates monthly, while some plugins updates are released weekly. Your front-end needs to be secured too. 

Yes, of course. We can maintain your website as long as it’s created using WordPress.

Every Website Needs to
be Maintained & Secured.

These days, it’s very easy to be targeted by malicious cyber attackers out there. That’s why we’re here to protect your website from falling victim to incidents like those below.

[WordPress Security] High Severity Vulnerabilities in Discount Rules for Woocomerce

WordPress Plugin Flaw Allows Attackers to Forge Emails

WordPress File Manager plugin flaw causing website hijack exploited in the wild

Reflected XSS in WordPress Plugin Admin Pages

Hacker are fighting a war over 300k vulnerable WordPress sites

[WordPress Security] Millions of Sites Targeted in File Manager Vulnerability Attacks


Don't Wait Until It's Too Late.

We started this service for one reason: to help businesses who cannot afford to hire an IT team. Afterall, we’ve seen many WordPress websites get hacked with attackers inserting malicious pages. This can destroy the reputation that a company has built over many years. Furthermore, the website will also see a drop in SEO due to it being assessed as “spammy”. We believe you’ve encountered websites that were blocked by Google because a website was “spammy” or hacked. Unfortunately, that’s something that could potentially happen to your website if it doesn’t have the protection it needs.

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