About Us

We are JIN, a cross-functional team of specialists

We’re a bunch of creatives driven by challenges.

Each of us specialise in something different, and when we come together, things happen. Good things.

You’re included in the equation, of course.

What we specialise in

We have the best people delivering a full spectrum of expertise

Each team focuses on one aspect of the creative vision.

” Our clients are part of the team, and we believe open collaboration is the key to truly great design.

JIN Design team member - Yugene Lee - gif

The unsung heroes

The ones who support everyday operations – from sales to admin.

UX/UI Design Team

The ones who build experiences.

Experts in digital design, the design team is responsible for conceptualising experiences, and ensuring both business and user goals are met.

Research Team

The ones who lay the foundation

The research team is responsible for gathering and analysing data – be it users, clients, or industries. Only by understanding the needs, behaviours and preferences of our audience, can we design better.

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JIN Design team member - Jian Ming - gif
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JIN Design content team member - Jodie - gif

Content Team

The ones who paint with words

Content is king. The team specialises in content marketing, forging a sense of unity between brands and the ones who love those brands

Visual Team

The ones who give form to ideas

They make stuff look good. Like, really good. They take ideas and concepts, and make them a visual reality.

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JIN Design visual team member - Wu Ken - gif
JIN Design visual team member - Brandon - gif
JIN Design visual team member - Sam - gif
JIN Design visual team member - Natalia - gif
JIN Design visual team member - Yin Pei - gif