Top 17 Payment Gateways in Singapore

Top 15 Payment Gateways in Singapore

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With e-commerce revenue in Singapore projected to reach US$5.51 billion this year, online transactions are a vital revenue stream for countless businesses nationwide.

Selecting the ideal payment gateway is crucial if you’re considering expanding or launching your business in Singapore. This decision can significantly impact the success and growth of your store or company.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the inner workings and essential features of payment gateways and explore 17 of the best options for businesses of all sizes in Singapore.

Payment GatewayFeaturesFees
PayPalFraud management tools. Speedy onboarding.Varies by selected plan
GrabPayPre-built integration with e-commerce platforms.  Instalment payment options.1% for Singaporean SMEs.
FiuuMobile app with customisable UI. Tokenisation enabled.N/A
StripeFraud prevention tools. Solutions for automating sales tax and VAT.Standard fee of 3.4% + S$0.50. Custom pricing is available.
eWay200+ add-on integrations. Custom testing environments.N/A
AdyenTools for risk management and revenue optimisation.€0.11 fixed processing fee.
Smoovpay3D authentication for security. Free monthly withdrawals.2.9%
Opn PaymentsCustom virtual credit card systems for merchants.1% to 5.5%, depending on payment methods.
WorldpaySupport for omnichannel transactions.1.5% for Mastercard and Visa for SMEs.
DBSPayLahSupports recurring payments, instalments and more.Varies by business/client.
2CheckoutAvailable in more than 30 languages and 100+ currencies.3.5% to 6%, depending on selected plan
BraintreeFraud management tools and key insight reports.3.4% per transaction
eNETSOffers direct debit and credit card payments.N/A
Choco PaymentRevenue-based financing option for merchants.Starts from 3.2% + HK$ 2.35
SquareIntegrates with POS systems and inventory management tools.2.5% + 25p for non-UK card transactions
Hoolah/ShopbackInstalment options and cash back rewards for customers.Depending on the selected plan
HitpayNo-code tools and software for automated invoicing and more.2.5% + S$0.60 for domestic card transactions

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a technological service that makes online financial transactions possible. It acts as a bridge between the customer, the payment portal, and the acquiring bank.

The acquiring bank is responsible for processing the customer’s payment and transferring the funds to the merchant’s account.

Think of payment gateways as intermediaries that authorize and process customer payments through various methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers or digital wallets.

What Makes a Good Payment Gateway?

What Makes a Good Payment Gateway?

Here are some key factors you should consider when selecting an efficient and reliable payment gateway:


A good payment gateway should adhere to encryption protocols and have fraud prevention measures to protect customers’ data throughout the transaction.

Ease of Integration

Your payment gateway should seamlessly integrate with various e-commerce platforms, shopping carts, and POS systems. This will allow you to start accepting payments quickly and ensure the smooth operation of your business, instilling confidence in your customers.

Wide Range of Payment Options

A good payment gateway should support multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers. Diverse payment options help you cater to customer preferences and maximize sales opportunities.

Excellent Customer Support

Responsive and knowledgeable customer support should be easily accessible through various channels like phone, email, live chat, and online documentation. This ensures that merchants and customers receive assistance promptly.

Top 17 Payment Gateways in Singapore

Here are 17 of Singapore’s most widely used and reliable payment gateways. Whether you’re running a small business, conducting your sales on a marketplace or platform, or looking for a financial solution for your enterprise, these payment gateways can help you streamline your customers’ checkout process.

1. PayPal


With over 200 million users globally, PayPal is one of the world’s most widely used payment platforms. Its user-friendly interface and robust customer support services make it a great option to support your e-commerce business.

Transaction FeeVaries according to selected plan.
Supported CurrenciesAll major currencies.
IntegrationsWide range of integrations.

2. GrabPay


GrabPay is an e-wallet service integrated into the Singapore-founded Grab app. It allows users to make convenient payments for various services, from online purchases to mobile phone charges.

Transaction Fee1% for Singaporean SMEs.
Supported CurrenciesMost major currencies.
IntegrationsWide range of integrations.

3. Fiuu (formerly Razer Merchant Services)


Fiuu allows businesses to establish up to 1,000 sub-accounts, ensuring great scalability and flexibility. Due to its extensive payment network, Fiuu accepts transactions through nearly 110 different payment methods and platforms.

Transaction FeeN/A
Supported CurrenciesMajor Asian currencies.
IntegrationsSix integration options.

4. Stripe


Stripe delivers comprehensive payment gateway solutions for small businesses and enterprises. Their services also include online identity verification, fraud management and more.

Transaction FeeStandard fee of 3.4% + S$0.50. Custom pricing is available.
Supported CurrenciesMost major currencies.
IntegrationsAPI integration and third-party integration.
SetupFees depending on package selection.

Learn more about Stripe.

5. eWay


With over 200 add-on integrations, eWay delivers comprehensive payment gateway services for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, its suite of merchant tools offers detailed analysis reports and custom testing environments for your business.

Transaction FeeN/A
Supported CurrenciesMost major currencies.
IntegrationsAPIs and third-party integration.

6. Adyen


Established in 2006, Adyen is a popular payment gateway focusing on retail, marketplaces, and subscriptions for businesses. Its offerings include risk management and revenue optimization tools.

Transaction Fee€0.11 fixed processing fee.
Supported CurrenciesMost major currencies.
IntegrationsAPI, pug-ins and pre-built components.

7. Smoovpay


Based in Singapore, Smoovpay also operates in Malaysia and the Philippines and facilitates online and offline credit card payments. Smoovpay provides extra security for financial transactions via a 3D authentication feature.

Transaction Fee2.9%.
Supported CurrenciesSGD & USD.
IntegrationsPlug-in integrates with e-commerce sites.

8. Opn Payments

Opn Payments

Formerly known as Omise, Opn is a fintech solutions provider operating across Asia. In addition to standard transactions, Opn helps businesses create and manage their own virtual credit card systems for customers.

Transaction FeeBetween 1% and 5.5%, depending on payment methods.
Supported CurrenciesMost major Asian currencies.
IntegrationsIntegrates with e-commerce sites and has API integration.

9. Worldpay


Worldpay provides payment gateway services tailored to individual platforms, small and medium-sized businesses and global enterprises. Its extensive suite of services includes various payment management products for offline, online and omnichannel transactions.

Transaction Fee1.5% for Mastercard and Visa for SMEs.
Supported CurrenciesAll major currencies.
IntegrationsIntegrates with e-commerce sites.

10. DBS PayLah

DBS PayLah

To utilize Singapore’s DBS PayLah for Merchants, a business must create a business account with DBS Bank. After this, business owners can access a comprehensive system to manage Paylah! Checkout and DBS credit card transactions.

Transaction FeeVaries by business/client.
Supported CurrenciesSGD and other major currencies.
IntegrationsIntegration support for APIs.

Learn more about DBS PayLah.

11. 2Checkout


2Checkout is a payment gateway and commerce solutions provider that operates worldwide and allows merchants to process transactions from anywhere across the globe. With support for more than 45 payment methods and availability in over 30 languages, 2Checkout is an ideal choice for businesses looking to go international.

Transaction Fee3.5% to 6%, depending on selected plan.
Supported CurrenciesAll major currencies.
IntegrationsIntegration support for APIs.

12. Braintree


As a service under PayPal, Braintree is a payment gateway that provides data encryption, data migration, fraud detection tools, and more. It supports a wide range of payment methods, including digital wallets, helping ensure a seamless payment experience for customers.

Transaction Fee3.4% per transaction. Custom quotes are available.
Supported CurrenciesMost major currencies.
IntegrationsThird-party integration support provided.

13. eNETS


eNETS is a local payment gateway in Singapore that offers direct debit and credit card payments. Its seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms and banks makes it a convenient choice for merchants.

Transaction FeeN/A
Supported CurrenciesSGD, MYR, INR, IDR, CNY
IntegrationsIntegrates with e-commerce sites and banks.

Learn more about eNETS here.

14. Choco Payment

Choco Payment

Founded by Choco Up, a fintech services company, Choco Payment serves over 130 countries around the world. It allows customizable payment collection and lets merchants access revenue-based financing as part of its service.

Transaction FeeStarts from 3.2% + HK$ 2.35.
Supported CurrenciesMost major currencies.
IntegrationsIntegrates with e-commerce sites and banks.

15. Square


Square offers a suite of payment solutions, including card readers and online payment processing, making it a popular choice for small businesses and retailers in Singapore. It provides seamless integration with point-of-sale systems and inventory management tools.

Transaction Fee2.5% + 25p for non-UK card transactions.
Supported CurrenciesAll major currencies.
IntegrationsIntegrates with e-commerce sites.

16. Hoolah / Shopback


Formerly known as Hoolah, Shopback for Business is a business marketing and financing platform that lets customers collect cashback rewards when they make transactions through the Shopback app.

Transaction FeeDepending on the selected plan.
Supported CurrenciesSGD

17. Hitpay


Hitpay is an all-in-one payment gateway and financial services platform for SMEs. It allows for both online and in-person transactions. It also offers a range of no-code tools and business software to facilitate automated invoicing and more.

Transaction Fee2.5% + S$0.60 for domestic card transactions.
Supported CurrenciesMost major currencies.
IntegrationsIntegrates with e-commerce apps and APIs.

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