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Registered and licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore, Newbubs is a trusted one-stop partner for comprehensive confinement services.

About the Project

We were commissioned to enhance Newbub’s one-page site by integrating new content into the home page, creating new pages and building a new service page template.

Challenges We Overcame

Starting Without Brand Guidelines

The lack of brand guidelines and assets prompted us to develop new style guides and establish brand rules to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

To maintain brand consistency, we tapped on their existing branding as a foundation while expanding it further with fresh brand images, icons, and illustrations.

Complexity of Information

A second obstacle was dealing with complex information such as pricing, processes, and service listings. To tackle this, we employed best practices for organising and presenting the information in a user-friendly manner, making it engaging and easy to comprehend.

A Template for Diverse Services

Another significant challenge was creating a service template that accommodates diverse services. We devised a flexible layout that adapts to varying information, while maintaining a consistent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Creating this template required careful planning and design to ensure a consistent UI and UX.

Full-Width, Responsive Backgrounds

Lastly, incorporating full-width illustrated backgrounds required meticulous creation of responsive visual assets suitable for various screen sizes. This was to ensure optimal display across all screen sizes.

The Final Result

We successfully completed the entire project within two months. This included meticulous content planning, creating captivating mockup designs and carrying out the development.

The new website now offers users an unparalleled experience, leaving a lasting impression through it’s seamless navigation and distinctive brand identity.

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