Betting Big on Design: An Impactful and User-Friendly Multi-Language Fund Site



Project Period

Q2 2023




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Betting Big on Design: An Impactful and User-Friendly Multi-Language Fund Site

An Inspiring Blend of Red, Gold, and Futurism

By adapting the gold and hexagon elements from AI Sport Technology’s logo and incorporating them into the brand style, we creating a visually captivating identity. To highlight the brand’s AI concept, we added digital and futuristic elements throughout the website. The result is a harmonious blend of the original red colour branding and a modern aesthetic that effectively communicates AI Sport Technology’s innovative approach.

A Multi-Language Website With Seamless Navigation

We implemented two essential features to enhance the user experience.

Firstly, we implemented a quick-jump navigation feature, enabling users to easily navigate to different sections of the website with a simple click. This streamlines the browsing experience and improves overall usability, making it convenient for users to find the information they need efficiently.

We also integrated a multi-language feature, allowing visitors to also access the website in Mandarin, Japanese and Korea. This ensures that the company’s message reaches a wider audience.

Engaging and Effective Content

In addition, we focused on creating bite-sized content that’s easy to digest, ensuring that visitors can quickly grasp the information they seek. To further enhance clarity, we incorporated animated infographics to illustrate how the technology works in an engaging manner. Furthermore, we added curated content to drive SEO, optimising the website’s visibility.

The result is a user-friendly and engaging website that effectively conveys AI Sport Technology’s expertise while catering to the needs of both users and search engines.

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