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With its innovative suite of hardware and software solutions that leverage deep data capabilities, Auk Industries helps factories across industries optimise their operations and boost productivity in a matter of days.

About The Project

We were assigned to revamp the client’s outdated website, with the goal of bringing it up to date while ensuring it reflects the company’s values and personality. Our approach involved close collaboration with the client—they provided the content structure for the site while our team proposed design elements that prioritised user experience.

Challenges We Overcame

Working With No Brand Guidelines

Our primary obstacle was the absence of existing brand guidelines and assets. To establish a new visual style for the project, we conducted extensive research and explored various mood boards to create a modernised look and feel for the brand.

Developing a New Illustration Style

Introducing a new illustration style was pivotal to the project’s success. We sourced skilled digital artists and animators and collaborated with them to create visual assets. These newly crafted graphics harmonised seamlessly with the fresh brand style.

Simplifying Content Management and Navigation

Managing the substantial amount of content on the website posed its own set of challenges. We tackled this by ensuring the website was optimised for mobile and SEO-friendly, resulting in effortless navigation and improved accessibility for users.

The Final Result

The comprehensive transformation of the website was completed well within the stipulated three-month timeframe. The new design is applied with a high level of consistency across the website, successfully modernising the brand and elevating the overall user experience.

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