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Sep – Nov 2016

In 2016, MediaCorp commissioned JIN Design to design various mobile apps to aid with their channel 8 TV production, Dream Coder – a drama revolving around tech startups in Singapore. Working closely with the team at MediaCorp, we collectively delivered numerous app designs within a stipulated timeline. This entailed providing wireframes and mock-ups to be exhibited in the drama, design consultancy and on-site support.

Love Preparatory 

Adhering to the requirements of the script, this app was designed and produced in two versions. One enables the user to have a virtual relationship with their choice of character, while the other helped in promoting the TV series, where the general public can virtually chat with the TV show characters. 

Share Share

To aid with the story progression, Share Share is a social app which allows users to make request to share cost on food, items, transport or entertainment with people nearby, or with similar interests. 

Ocean Marathon

Featured within the drama, the Ocean Marathon fitness tracking app let users set personal targets and adjust settings to suit their fitness regimen.

Funeral Service app

Assisting the drama flow, the Funeral Service app served as a platform for users to learn more about funeral arrangement and engage in relevant services. 

SOS app

This app displays alert messages and notify users of people in need of urgent first aid assistance in nearby areas.

Try On glasses

True to its name, the Try On glasses can help users try on various virtual glasses, take a photo and send it to their friends for recommendations.