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Good day, my dear readers!

Last week I mentioned I’ve something exciting in store for you. Sooooo.

*WWE voice* Are. You. READAAAYY???

Ladies & gentlemen, presenting…



No, not avocado. Advocado. It’s like avocado, but with a “d”. Advocado. Yes!

Project brief

Advocado and JIN Design go a long way back. Way back to 2015, when Advocado first approached us to design the first ever user interface for the Advocado app.

From 2015 to now, in 2017, there have been several changes. For one, Advocado expanded its business and is now successfully flourishing. Hurray for Advocado!

Another, the design industry has rapidly revolutionized and bears little resemblance to the design trends two years ago. As such, it came as no surprise when Advocado approached JIN Design to give the Advocado app a complete makeover. Hurray for JIN Design!

Pro tip: It’s highly recommended an app/website be upgraded every 6 months to keep up with the times!

What’s more, this time round, we were tasked to design for a mobile application, thereby allowing us ample room to exercise creativity and implement new concepts! (Our previous design catered only to a web browser.)

The two main goals of revamping this app were:

  1. To create a seamless experience for customers to enjoy the deals promoted by merchants on Advocado.
  2. To introduce new features to the app so as to attract more customers, thereby generating more cash flow.

As the app serves as a platform for business owners to directly interact with their customers and boost sales, our target audience was:

  • Tech-savvy business owners
  • Users of the Advocado app

Key features

1. Merchant campaigns

As a consumer app, Advocado essentially offers customers exciting promotions and discounts at various retail shops and eateries. It also allows them to redeem freebies.

Thus, incorporating various merchant campaigns such as “Refer-a-friend” or “1-for-1” encourages users to revisit merchant listings for subsequent purchases. This results in greater number of returning customers, thereby increasing the customer base for this loyalty app.

2. Digital wallet

The other main selling point of Advocado, this virtual feature helps customers keep track of their transactions and all loyalty stamps/credit points accumulated over time.

As this feature highlights the fuss free nature of the app, it is key in attracting more customers to use the app.

3. Filter

With the addition of new features comes a need to fine-tune the “filter” function. For the app to be a breeze for users, it was vital for the search function to be accurate in presenting information as per user’s preference.

This was resolved by including more specific keywords and tweaking the filter to accommodate broader categories. For example, users can now browse a list of campaigns by the following categories:-

  • My campaigns – My most recent active campaigns and past campaigns
  • Nearby merchants – View by listing and map view
  • Recommended – Popular merchants/campaigns recommended by the app

So there you have it, all the know-hows and super cool insights to designing the hottest retail app in town; the Advocado app!

Pssst, do download the app and tell us your experience!

JIN Design

20 Feb, 2017


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