One Concept Approach

JIN Design

30 Jan, 2018


In the industry, sharing multiple concepts with clients is common and we too often get clients asking how many concepts we will be presenting.

“To us, quality trumps quantity.”

While we brainstorm and come up with numerous ideas in our office, we also put them through a rigorous elimination process to arrive at the best concept for presentation. It is our job to pick the right concept that fits the project and its requirements, and our expertise enables us to do so.

How do we know that’s the right concept?

We dedicate time to researching and understanding the project. This means hours of research, strategising, and studying in-depth of your business and user needs. Only then do we move on to ideation — where we think, propose and argue constructively to find the right concept for the project. We are not here to create multiple options for you to pick and choose. We prefer channeling all our creative energy into one best solution. Rest assured that when an idea is presented to you, everyone on the team has given their approval.

“With us, you are hiring an expert, not just a doer. ”

What if I don’t think it is right?

You are the expert in your business, and we are the experts in user experience and interface design. This is where we co-create with you. We do not simply take requirements, design and call it a day. It may sometimes take some time to get the concept right on the first try, and we may fall short on nailing certain key business standpoints. As a client, you have every chance to feedback and tell us what needs to be improved. Design is an iterative process and we thrive on collaboration with our clients. We share our sketches, moodboards, wireframes and present our thought process with you. You will know the direction we are heading towards and we can build on it together. In doing so, we are able to streamline our processes and spend more time and brainpower on crafting the best design solutions with you.

Like our philosophy? Contact us and let’s have a chat on our next collaboration!

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