Meet the Interns (III)

JIN Design

08 Aug, 2017


One thing I like about JIN Design

is that it isn’t an overly serious place. Not to say we don’t take our work seriously (we do!), just that there’s a certain amount of fun and silliness in the office apart from the mundane work stuff.

We laugh, we have fun, we advise and we celebrate, all as a team. We are able to focus more because we ask for help and we help each other along the way.

“This makes the day to day of working a JIN Design. ”

With an expansion of a wider clientele, a larger team is expected. As of late, JIN Design is proud to welcome yet another fantastic superhuman intern, Liting!

Fresh out of college,

Liting won us over with her easy-going personality and kawaii demure. With a sleeve full of visual design tips and tricks, she embarked on this 6-months internship journey with us. Let’s take a look at her experience so far!

Q: Konichiwa Ms Kway, how’s your experience interning at JIN Design so far?

Liting: FUN! But also an interesting challenge! I’ve learned a lot of things doing design even though I still feel like I have much more to discover!

Q: Glad you’re having fun! So, what do you like best about your internship?

Liting: Being able to have supportive mentors who are willing to teach and guide you makes the entire learning process a lot easier and more stress-free. It also encourages me to try my best, even when it gets really tough!

Q: A word of advice for future design interns?

Liting: Be willing to try everything. If your initial plan doesn’t work, try and try again! You’ll get there, somehow. But also remember when to have fun and recharge in the midst of working hard!

Such wise words, young padawan. The force is strong with this one.

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