Meet the Interns (II)

JIN Design

17 Apr, 2017


Good day, everyone!

If you’ve been following the JIN Design blog channel regularly, you’d be familiar with the slaves staff at JIN Design. The permanent staff, that is.


But where’s the fun in that? Permanent staff is… well, permanent. They’re here to stay, you know? Interns on the other hand, are different. Sure, they’re fresh out of college, naïve and amateurish, and of course, new to the adult world (in fact, some might even be new to the term “adult”).

At the same time, they’re also this sensational group of species with awesome ideas and a brand new perspective on wide-ranging subjects that provides a fresh breath of air to the entire company … at least over the next 3 months 😛 #smartpeoplewillgetit

As of late, JIN Design too has been blessed with one such fantastic intern by the name of Jodie 😀  Or Jod, for short. Because pronouncing a monosyllable is always better than a polysyllable. #efficency #doingitright

Lanky in appearance and swanky in her dressing sense, Miss Jodie stormed into our office on her very first day at work and threw us all off our seats with her vast knowledge of graphic design and effortless use of millennial lingos! #hipsteralert

Below is a short “interview” we conducted over brain-freezing Slurpee’s and some mind-numbing jokes. Here goes!

Q: So, tell us Jodie, how was your experience interning at JIN Design?

J: Fruitful, a steep learning curve but definitely a fun challenge.

Q: I’m very glad to hear that! What did you like best about your internship?

J: Having colleagues around who are patient enough to guide a newbie through each step. (And definitely Yugene’s ice-cream treats! :D)

Q: Sweet! Just one final question for you. A word of advice for future design interns?

J: Always give it a try. When you accomplish something you thought was initially impossible for your standards, voilà – you will surprise yourself.

Well, that’s about it for the interview. Wipe away your tears and embrace this, we’re all pleasantly surprised when news came about that Jodie will be joining us as a full-time slave staff following the end of her internship. Hooray!

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