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Dear Pat


For those of you who have been following the JIN Design blog channel from Day 1, you’d be familiar with the slaves staff at JIN Design! The permanent staff, that is. However, once upon a time dating back to no earlier than October 2016, apart from the regulars, interned at JIN Design a young woman by the name of Patricia.

Well, she’s Pat for us. Just Pat 🙂

Dainty in appearance and demure by nature, we were all pleasantly surprised when her artistic prowess most unsuspectingly blew our minds! #stopthestereotype #daintynotdumb #inyourface #hah

Over the next 3 months, Pat’s undying passion for graphic design coupled with her willingness to learn equipped her with a multitude of skills and information. She also went on to conduct independent research and propose concepts towards projects. Come to think of it, she was ever-ready to pick up new skills.

No, seriously.

She was always prepared to take on new challenges and better her knowledge on design. Like, always. Yeah, really!

How in the world did she ever manage to absorb all that information? Don’t ask me!

*** Pat, if you’re reading this, please answer! #teachmesenpai #plsplspls ***

Below is a short “interview” we conducted, during her farewell lunch at Hokkaido Sushi. Here goes!

Q: So, tell us Pat, how was your experience interning at JIN Design?

Pat: Illuminating.

Q: Wow that’s a big word! What did you like best about your internship?

Pat: Hmm, I would have to say that having the right people around me has been better than best. My Powerpuff sisters, Professor and design consultant, help added sugar, sugar and everything nice – fired up my whimsical blooming, not only as a designer but also more importantly, as a person.

Q: Interesting analogy there! Just one final question for you. A word of advice for future design interns?

Pat: Work hard, and also have fun in the meantime!

Well, that’s it for the interview. Now for some long overdue pics to truly wrap up Pat’s memorable journey at JIN Design!

The first ever and original team of JIN Design, never forget! :’)

JIN Design

06 Mar, 2017


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