Halloween @ JIN

JIN Design

31 Oct, 2017


Happy Halloween, fellow freaks!

How many days a year are you encouraged to dress silly and goof around at work? Halloween brings about the perfect opportunity for some photoshoot and playful costumes for the team at JIN Design!

Of course, living up to the our names – the quirky girls @ JIN came up with the idea of a halloween dress-up. We stepped up our game, not only did we put in extra effort by putting on make-up, we even painted on our costumes! Talk about dedication. Can we all agree that dressing up is every girl’s favourite pastime?

How did this idea came about?

As we continue to grow as a company, we begin shaping our culture and along the way, we figured that we shouldn’t be all about work – we want to build a team culture where we play as hard as we work. About a month ago, we wrote down costume ideas and picked straws. Well, that didn’t work very well as we ended up swapping roles amongst ourselves and choosing our own characters to dress up as. 😛

 Take a vote on the best dressed this Halloween!

Treats, no tricks!

Being the foodies that we are, we headed for steamboat buffet right after work! Yup, in our costumes. We attracted curious eyes and flattering comments alike. After a hard day’s of work we had to eat for sustenance, to charge up our depleted brain cells, it’s time to over indulge ourselves in the shimmering glittery decadence of the hot pot! You know how after a hearty meal you feel guilty and regret the amount of carnage that you have caused in your belly? Yes we felt exactly that, we could barely move and we were filled with remorse for causing ourselves such pain!

Can’t wait for our next food outing though! Stay tuned!

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