CNY 2018

JIN Design

20 Feb, 2018


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

To kickstart the auspicious new year, JIN Design welcomed two new Visual Team members – Sam and Yinpei, based in Malaysia. It’s been a life-long dream of our Managing Director to expand the company in the region and we are now one step closer!

The two underwent a week of introduction and training with the rest of us and we showed them that we’re not all about work. As foodies ourselves, we brought them to try some of our famous local dishes. *cue the eternal Singapore vs Malaysia food war: who’s better?!*

As Chinese New Year is about getting together to exchange greetings and well-wishes, we of course had to enjoy a reunion dinner together.

The JIN team definitely had a good time bonding over the scrumptious feast and louhei

Psst, what’s a celebration without our own unique twist? Check out some of the mouth-watering dishes and our fun attempt at dressing up for this festivity!

Looking back, we had a humble table of 5 members to celebrate CNY 2017. This year, we are a full table of 12 and stomachs full of (福 Fú)od.

Who knows what next year might bring? 😉 We look forward to it!

On behalf of JIN Design, here’s wishing all of you a Happy Lunar New Year and may you receive good fortune this fruitful year.

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