We are comfortable being the brains behind the screens but sometimes people want to know who we are.

Picture this.

Everyday, you tap/click/swipe across screens to access numerous apps and websites. Ever stopped to think about (read as: thank) the brains behind such visually appealing and interactive programs?

Well, that’s all of us at JIN Design.

We are the masterminds that stay glued to our computer screens all day to design engaging-and-informative-and-exciting-yet-professional user interfaces for mobile phones, iPads and computer screens alike – all at a fee, of course!

Dating back

to 28 July 2015, when Yugene Lee, a freelance digital designer dared to venture into business and launched a start-up of his own.

Originally a one-man team. JIN Design has since expanded to include a dedicated and enthusiastic-but-at-times-fanatical team of designers today.

We may be a small start-up company, but our previous collaborations with prominent organizations such as AIA Singapore, Mediacorp & Cat and the Fiddle Cake Delivery stand testimony to our quality of work and services provided.