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A clearer way to monitor events

ST Logistics upgraded their Event Monitoring System to increase their handling capacity.

With the new system, operation managers gain an overview of all activities and deployments in real-time. Now, internal processes can be managed error-free.


  • Client
    ST Logistics
  • Duration
    Feb 2017-May 2017
  • Sector
    Event and Logistics
  • Project Type
    Event & Logistics Monitoring System
  • Role
    UX & UI Design
  • Development House

Improving communications for all staff

Overseeing a large-scale event with multiple sites is a nightmare without a proper system. Operation managers at the headquarters and the ground staff need to rely on each other for accurate updates. We needed to eliminate the need for tedious work and miscommunication on ground updates.


We interviewed them to find out how we could help improve their workflow. Instead of using their phones for manual updates, we provided a centralised system for communication. We designed a mobile application for ground staff to feed real-time updates of tasks, resources and safety highlights to a web dashboard. Together with live camera streams and photo feeds, real-time visibility of the event site is greatly heightened.


Through this, operation managers are able to make well-informed decisions and allocate resources to the event site effectively.

Laying out a web dashboard

Based on observations of how staff interact with data, we designed the dashboard so users can obtain any and all information within two clicks.


An interactive map with dropped pins at event sites is the main feature. Users can track the status of the event easily along with the side panel of key statistics for a quick summary. Progress updates are given visual priority so that users can interpret raw data in a glance. We also introduced features like a timeline of activities and traffic updates for easy reference.


Users would immediately know where to look for information they need. Now, the Operation Managers have full control and are able to track statuses, ensuring that the event is executed smoothly.

An adaptable design

What’s the difference between the Presidential Elections and a sudden oil spill?

Enough for ST Logistics to need a scalable design for every event.


We designed a scalable system that could cater for large-scale events with multiple sites. All this was projected across twelve TV screens. For small-scale events, we pared it down to be contained within a single screen. With this adaptive design, all relevant data for any event type is properly reflected in a seamless display.


We also had to cater to possible data expansion for the future. With a flexible and robust design, the most useful statistics is displayed for any situation.

Optimising operational efficiency

By designing a one-stop event monitoring interface for multiple activity streams, we helped ST Logistics to boost their operational efficiency through swift and centralized information access.     

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