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A Local Flair to Insurance

SingLife wanted to use Singapore’s National Day as an avenue to promote their new mascots and the SingLife brand. We designed a microsite and mini-game for them with a uniquely Singaporean flavour.

  • Client
    Singapore Life
  • Duration
    Jul 2018
  • Sector
  • Project Type
  • Role
    UX & UI Design
  • Development House

Promoting SingLife mascots with games

We introduced the Singlion family in the form of a “Where’s Wally” search game.

Users would search for the 4 lion mascots in a 2D illustration of a HDB block. When a Singlion was found, a text bubble would emerge. The bubble contained the character’s introduction and well-wishes for Singapore. It served as a fun way to introduce the mascots, and place more emphasis on them.

Infusing Singaporean flavour

Instead of emphasizing Singapore’s birthday, we set SingLife’s approach apart by celebrating everyday displays of “Singaporean-ness” instead.

A HDB block was chosen as the setting as it is evocative of everyday Singaporean life. SingLife’s selling points were juxtaposed with uniquely Singaporean icons, such as a bag of tea, economic rice, and a Black Knights fighter jet.

Tight deadline, tighter execution

The microsite was time-sensitive and needed to be delivered in time for National Day. We had 1 ½ week to design the entire microsite while collaborating with SingLife and their vendor, who was in charge of the Singlion character design.

With close coordination and swift execution of an engaging yet efficient game design, we delivered on schedule.

Profiling brands from a different angle

In designing SingLife a fun National Day-themed microsite with a unique Singaporean slant, we have helped SingLife to promote themselves in a fun and novel way.

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