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Sign-ups made seamless

Singapore Life prides itself on hassle-free and paperless insurance. After launching the Endowment plan, we designed the Endowment Journey interface forSingapore Life. The interface made it a breeze for customers to apply for the plan, and for advisers to manage these applications.

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    Singapore Life
  • Duration
    Apr to May 2018
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  • Development House

Reshaping user perceptions

It was crucial that the application process did not overwhelm users, so they would remain motivated to complete it.


Each screen had minimal questions and text, so users hardly needed to scroll. This not only made the process appear less overwhelming, it also allowed users to advance more quickly through consecutive screens. This gave users the perception that they were progressing easily, encouraging them to finish the process.


We also introduced a progress bar near the top of the page, so users knew their progress. Each extension of the progress bar following a completed screen also provided a sense of “reward”, further encouraging users.

Swift form completion

We also wanted to enable customers to provide the required information quickly and easily.  


To this end, we aligned questions and titles to the left to enhance readability. We also grouped together fields requiring similar information from customers, to reduce their cognitive load and information retrieval effort. Additionally, we chose selection field types that required minimal clicks, further reducing user effort.


Introducing a summary bar at the right of the screen also allowed users to conveniently review information they provided, listed by category.

Painless form-filling

Our goal for the project was to make form-filling easy to use. By influencing user perceptions and facilitating quick information-entering, applying for Singapore Life’s Endowment plan will now be smooth and simple.

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