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Streamlining a backend portal

Singapore Life (SingLife) is the first independent life insurance company to be licensed in Singapore since 1970.

SingLife approached us to streamline a backend portal for its insurance advisers. We redesigned the portal’s interface, enhancing user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

  • Client
    Singapore Life
  • Duration
    Feb to Mar 2018
  • Sector
  • Project Type
    Backend portal
  • Role
    UX & UI Design
  • Development House

Beginning with the users

In order to the design for the users, we first had to understand them – SingLife advisers.

SingLife had 3 distinct adviser roles, and each of them used the portal differently. Through learning about their interactions, job scopes and what they needed to work effectively, we identified distinct user roadmaps. In addition, we also spoke with SingLife’s business unit to understand business requirements for the portal. All this information was crucial to the portal’s redesign.

Defying convention to meet needs

We left all functions intact and redesigned the interface so information was laid out in a more organized and intuitive manner. Unlike SingLife’s customer portal, the adviser portal had to handle a large volume of information. This included policy applications, policy details, and client information.


Our focus was to ensure advisers could get information easily, so ease of use took precedence over interface interactions.

The portal was redesigned to be text-driven. Information was listed in a table, and images omitted. Only content relevant to the advisers would be displayed. This was to facilitate their information retrieval and make it easier for them to track/complete tasks.

Ensuring consistency for greater ease

We retained a similar overall layout and style as SingLife’s customer portal, so advisers could work easily between both portals if needed.

We also included a touch of SingLife’s branding in the portal design. This was to help inculcate a sense of loyalty for SingLife’s advisers – whether an adviser, adviser manager, or part of management.

Uncompromised focus on users

We put SingLife advisers at the heart of the portal redesign process. To best serve their needs, we stood by our unconventional approach of incorporating a tabular layout. With the revamped interface, we improved the workflow of SingLife’s advisers, helping them provide better service to their customers.

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