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Customer Portal, Organised

Singapore Life takes on a 100% digital approach, providing the most convenient insurance solutions to their customers.

Our task: To design a more user-friendly customer portal, with a clean and aesthetically-pleasing interface.

Easy, paper and hassle-free insurance? Check.

  • Client
    Singapore Life
  • Duration
    Dec 2017
  • Sector
  • Project Type
    Customer Portal
  • Role
    UX & UI Design
  • Development House

Restructuring information placement

Insurance information shouldn’t be complex. Before we stepped in, their homepage was unfocused and disorganised. Users were overwhelmed with information, especially first-timers. Several pages had duplicated content, adding to the confusion.


We made viewing easier by displaying Pending Actions and an overview of Policies on the homepage. Quick summaries enabled them to access information at a glance. To improve findability,
we categorised information in the right sections.


By paring down content to its essentials, the homepage became organized and straight-to-the-point.

Easy navigation

Customers enter the site knowing what they want to do. Our job was to help them do it quickly.


They were overwhelmed with information when they used the site.
To make navigation easier, we designed the layout according to information hierarchy.


Premium Billing Details is immediately visible when viewing a policy, followed by other information organised for user flow. Placing additional info such as multiple dates in an accordion layout helped customers focus on key details. They could also jump to other sections using the sticky menu at the side.


As a self-service portal, this layout helped to better meet customer needs.

Delivering a consistent experience

Our goal was to achieve a consistent brand for SingLife. By following their corporate identity guidelines, we managed to sync styles across their multiple platforms.


We ensured colour consistency, and that important information was highlighted without it being too distracting. We also extended the style guide to include new components, allowing usage and modification for future designs.


With a clear brand identity, SingLife can come off as dependable and trustworthy. Their quality service is now translated through the refined, modern design of their customer portal.

Access at their fingertips

In this day and age, most users desire on-the-go access. With that in mind, we designed for a responsive interface adaptable to mobile devices.


With mobile access, users could access the portal’s features on the go without being limited to a computer. They could manage policies and applications, even setting up payments and submitting documents all via a few taps on their phone.

A style that lasts

Besides elevating aesthetics and functionality, we took things a step further to create a consistent brand identity for Singapore Life that ran through all their digital platforms. Today, we continue working with them on multiple platforms to deliver the most fuss-free experience for their customers.

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