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Mobile App Interfaces on TV

Broadcasting corporation Mediacorp has been pioneering Singapore’s broadcasting industry since 1936.

We collaborated with the production crew of < Dream Coder 梦想程式 > to design mobile apps for on-screen showcase.

  • Client
  • Duration
    Sep - Nov 2016
  • Sector
  • Project Type
    Mobile App
  • Role
    UX & UI Design, Consultancy
  • Development House

Adapting to project needs

TV productions have tight deadlines, so we needed to work fast. Project planning and management was key, and both sides needed to remain in constant communication.

We assessed the scripts and noted down when the designs would appear on screen. We also analyzed the storyline to understand each app’s purpose. All required information was properly documented with clear outlines, and design phases were mapped out so every team member knew exactly what to do at any given point in time.

Even simulations need functionality

Our task was to produce app screens that matched the script and looked good on screen – they did not need to be functional. However, we felt that even simulations should still be user-friendly. We took into account user flows and how someone would use these apps if they were real.

Making functional designs meant reduced cognitive load, and actors didn’t need to memorise how the app worked. The show’s cast and crew could showcase the apps easily and accurately.

On-site consultancy

We didn’t just create wireframes and mockup designs – we also guided the production team in understanding the industry they were portraying.

We believed strongly that if the digital design industry in Singapore was going to be represented on local TV, it should be an accurate portrayal. We were a constant presence during filming, and being on set meant we could address any questions or issues quickly.

Working with stakeholders

Direct collaboration with filmmakers and production crew broadened our perspectives on designing with other stakeholders.

Precision and efficiency were quintessential skills that we honed for this project. Over the short timespan, we delivered and presented app designs at varying stages. The rigour of customising designs according to script demands added adaptability for future collaborative works.

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