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Streamlining a one-stop dining app

Kuroz is a one-stop dining app that lets one make a restaurant booking, and order menu items even before stepping inside.

The app needed to be simple to navigate. Our redesign made it seamless and subtly luxurious, integrating booking functions with ordering in one app.

  • Client
  • Duration
    Sep - Nov 2017
  • Sector
  • Project Type
    Ordering and Booking App
  • Role
    UX & UI Design
  • Development House

Prioritising for improved navigation

We first sent a survey to users, developers and merchants to identify what issues they had with the app – it was difficult to navigate and use.

Since Kuroz had many functions, we made only the 4 key features accessible. Everything else would be behind a menu icon.

Fields, buttons, fonts and lines were selected so as to ensure coherence and consistency across the app.

Conveying the right mood

The intent was subtle luxury.

Using black leather texture as a background was reminiscent of being in a bar. This helped build a sense of exclusivity. Black was also easy on the eyes in low light.

This background, paired with gold accents/trims and white Sans Serif text further reinforced the theme of subtle opulence.

Redefining Dining through Design

We improved the navigation experience through research and user-testing. With the redesign, Kuroz has transformed its branding to be associated with exclusivity, re-introducing itself as the go-to app for food and drink.

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