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Manufacturing made appealing

inziGn is like us in many ways – they ideate and prototype to develop products with a purpose. However, their process involves high-tech machinery.

inziGn’s site poorly reflected their high-quality services. We redesigned it, showcasing their work in an impressive and engaging manner.

  • Client
  • Duration
    Apr 2016-Jun 2016
  • Sector
    Medical Industry
  • Project Type
    Website Revamp
  • Role
    UX & UI Design, Icon Design
  • Development House

Researching to determine approach

We visited inziGn’s factory to study their day-to-day operations, informing ourselves on how to best reflect the company. We decided that the most direct way of reaching potential clients was to show them what we saw.


We overhauled the sparse and outdated images on their site, incorporating an image-focused style across all pages. Instead
of alienating visitors with irrelevant stock images, we used real photos of inziGn’s people and processes.


Displaying authentic images gave visitors a behind-the-scenes peek. This provided insight into the organization’s operations, helping to convince potential clients that inziGn was a company they could trust.

Curating a visual experience: Selecting photos and videos

We needed a crystal clear visual representation of inziGn. To gather the perfect images, we shared our requirements with a professional photographer and videographer, and directed them on site.


With an available suite of photos, we were able to choose the most relevant ones for each site section. These visuals complemented the content effectively, so users could easily connect to what they saw.


Moving away from a static layout, we placed dynamic background videos above the fold. Users would immediately see striking snippets of the manufacturing process when they landed on the page, enticing them to scroll for more content.

Making the sale

We revamped inziGn’s homepage into a single page, displaying inziGn’s capabilities one section at a time. Each of inziGn’s selling points were given a chance to shine.


We also designed icons to illustrate complicated technologies, simplifying them for visitors. These even served as quick links directing them to specific sections instantly.


inziGn’s capabilities shone through the layout, motivating visitors
to discover what inziGn could offer.

Manufactured for success

We were determined to change the mindset that manufacturing was dry, boring, and uninspiring. Our design got people interested in inziGn’s technical capabilities – high-level skill sets, impressive technology and commitment to quality. We designed the start of many long-term working relationships in the medical manufacturing industry.

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