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Loyalty System, Optimized

In 18 months, Advocado has partnered over 600 merchants, becoming an award-winning business loyalty app.

They needed to revamp their app for greater robustness. We gave it a clean and nimble interface, and new features. Advocado is now
a powerful sales tool driving productivity.

  • Client
    Advocado Storefront
  • Duration
    Jan 2017 to Mar 2017
  • Sector
  • Project Type
    Mobile Web App
  • Role
    UX & UI Design
  • Development House

Streamlining the screen layout

During peak periods, most staff abandoned the app as it was too complex and time-consuming. Our challenge was simplifying the layout, while introducing new features.


Staff did not have the luxury of time to process the large amount of information in the original screen. We structured the content in modular blocks for a more organised layout. Pop-ups were used for extra information to further declutter the screen.


Making the experience efficient for staff involved enabling ready access to information. By streamlining the layout, staff could view information at a glance and input customer information quickly.


Less friction, more selling.

Enhancing visual elements for improved visibility

Advocado launches multiple campaigns at once. How could we help staff differentiate them?


We distinguished campaigns through colours and icon design. Switching from the dull yet jarring colours, we used lighter shades that brightened up the screen. As staff interacted with the app, they would associate colours with the respective campaigns, recognising them almost instantly.


For greater differentiation between campaigns, we created a more universal and modern look for the icons. These simple yet detailed illustrations provided effective representations of the campaigns
to staff.

Quick signup, lasting loyalty

Users could enrol with Advocado simply by entering their mobile number, eliminating the need for loyalty cards and codes. To maximise the potential of this powerful cloud system, it needed to sell well.


While carrying out research at merchant stores, we noticed
that staff held a promotion stand in one hand, and an iPad in the other when promoting Advocado. We merged the promotion banner and login keypad on a split screen so customers could view them simultaneously. Occupying two-thirds of the screen, the promotion banner would entice customers to find out more.


A simple sign-up process for offers at many recognisable stores?
Sign us up!

Upgrading to serve better

Advocado version 2.0 is proof that continuous improvement to user experience optimises the app’s functions. Our design was
well-received by all – customers, staff and merchants alike.

Now, the upgraded app will be able to help over 600 merchants build stronger relationships with their customers.

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