What is Fun-time and Why is it so important to us?

JIN Design

12 Dec, 2017


When you work hard, you should also get to play hard!

Allowing fun at work does creates an environment to encourage creative thinking. Especially when you have a writer’s/designer’s block.

As things get hectic and stressful during the week, the team at JIN Design get together and have some good-ol’ fun! We call it the Fun-time Friday. Ending our week with a bang, we set aside the last 2 hours of Friday for some great games with the bunch of people we work with all day long.

Fun-time to us doesn’t mean that we slack around playing games and not do work. Fun-time let us explore the uncharted zone — from sharing your life with the team, sketching puppies, to designing our own handbags. You heard read that right, designing handbags! Basically anything that isn’t part of what we are already doing during working hours.

Why? Because it widens our perspective. We don’t get cooped up with only the projects we are working on, we explore outside of our comfort zone. And through these fun-time assignments and experiences, we learn new things. Who knows – we might be designing an app for designing handbags in the near future – and we would already have a base knowledge! Thanks fun-time assignments!

For once, Liting’s fun-time assignment was to draw a comic with the storyline of the interns (Melissa & herself) vs the evil ex-intern (Jodie). Check out that cool drawing skills! Put that on our to-watch-anime list please.  

Cultivating a good company culture

Having fun at work through group activities and team building games lead to a great company culture. As a young company, we grow together as a company, and shape our culture along the way.

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