Good Things Must Share

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UX & UI Design




A good deal discovery app takes you places – literally. It is used by many diners to seek out the best deals and get their money’s worth. 

HOI commissioned us to design Good Things Must Share (GTMS) a deals and rewards app for users to snap and share their dining experiences. From its vibrant style to its personalised features, we set out to design GTMS to be the go-to app for deals, discounts and dining.

Conceptualising a fresh theme and style

Red. That was the only requirement we were given. 

To flesh out the branding, we sat down with the client for a design workshop. We decided on an image-focused and cleaner design to differentiate ourselves from similar apps that dominate the market. 

Instead of making users scroll through endless lists, we dedicated each deal to a single screen. Overlaying the text on a background image of food helps to highlight what is on offer. The harmony of elements draws focus and the user instantaneously knows what the deal is about. With this visual representation being aesthetically-pleasing and easy on the eyes, the user doesn’t take long to make a decision (or two).

Oh Goody! – Mascot and logo design

Meet Goody – the round and big-eyed mascot that pops up all over the app. It greets the user from the start and accompanies the user on a journey of deal discovery. Whether Goody is happy, excited, or hungry, its warm and friendly personality livens up the entire screen. Delightful micro-interactions and catchy details make Goody even more engaging and approachable. 

It also appears as a loading animation, visually occupying the user with its entertaining antics. Load time is no longer frustrating.

Apart from designing Goody the mascot, the brand logo and app icon were also carefully crafted for brand recognition. We made Goody synonymous with good food, good deals and Good Things Must Share. 

Enhancing functionalities for optimal enjoyment 

Out of all the existing big players in the market, how does a brand new app receive the stamp of approval from users? The type of functions would be the deciding factor. 

We integrated a review and rating system from reputable media sources for each restaurant. Snaps taken by other patrons are also featured. This made it convenient for users to decide whether the restaurant was worth visiting. 

Beyond plain food photography, the photo-editing function allows users to customise their snaps with borders and Goody stickers packs created by us. The result is a unique and branded photo that is shared on social media platforms.

Even with these added features, the app remains easy to use with its seamless redemption process. 

A competitive edge

User engagement was our design priority. Loading the app with game-like incentives and the addictive appeal of social media paved way to a unique style. Coupled with the customised mascot, logo, and stickers created, we developed an iconic brand image for GTMS. As all good things must be shared, GTMS is now ready to take on the competition.