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Design Objectives

When it comes to air-conditioning, Daikin Singapore triumphs all. Naturally, we were delighted when the air-condition specialists commissioned us to design an app for residential homes.

Daikin wanted an app that integrated smart technology with electronic devices and appliances. The Daikin Smart Home app – D’SmartHome for short – is an all-in-one app for smartphones that aims to provide homeowners with an enhanced lifestyle of comfort and convenience. The app also enables users to remotely control air conditioners, security systems and lightings at the touch of a button.

Introduction to Daikin Smart Home app

Our Approach

The Daikin D’SmartHome app is meant to be used anytime, anywhere. Thus, we incorporated the core ideologies of efficiency, elegance and an ease of use when designing the app.

The app utilizes loT technology which syncs all electronic devices and reduces the need for real-time interaction. Users can control the settings of their electronic devices despite being away from home. They can also select the ‘auto-run’ feature to automatically switch on their electronic devices at a pre-scheduled date and time.

Since the app is intended for residential use, it was only logical that the app embodies a homely feel. So, we decided on a personal concierge concept and achieved this by designing a login page that greets users by their name.

We also employed an inviting and welcoming tone of voice that filtered through to every screen and microcopy.

Challenges & Solutions

We had to conduct extensive research to gain an inherent understanding of IoT technology. We also realized the limitations of this Smart Home Technology and modified our proposed app design accordingly. In addition, we also worked closely with Daikin and our developers to effectively meet technical requirements, such as being able to control the settings of each electronic device individually.

As the app would be accessed multiple times a day, it was crucial that it be swift and easy to navigate. We achieved this by minimising the number of steps required to execute an action. Wherein this proved to be difficult, we employed icons and action buttons to create the perception of a simple process and also promote visual flow.


We believe that good design can make a world of a difference between a mediocre Smart Home experience and a revolutionary one.

Keeping this in mind, we strategised, designed and executed the app for both iPhones and Android. We also worked hand-in-hand with the Daikin team and staying true to our timeframe, delivered the D’SmartHome app on schedule.

Since its completion in 2018, the app has been installed and in use by more than 4,000 homes in Singapore. This count continues to rise. Through our high-quality standards, we hope to impact more homes and lives in the years to come.