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We’re proud to have been commissioned once again by Chain Debrief, after earning their trust as a reliable web design agency. Chain Debrief is a Singapore-based Web 3.0 platform with the vision of becoming an accessible gateway for crypto industry-related information. From a cryptocurrency publication site, Chain Debrief has evolved into a resource hub for all things crypto. The launch of Nexus was intended to further upgrade their entire learning ecosystem.

Understanding cryptocurrency has never been this easy

The Chain Debrief homepage is a great place to start your learning journey, regardless of your level of cryptocurrency knowledge. The available courses are displayed on the homepage for convenient navigation and selection.

A standout newsletter box

We placed a striking newsletter box with a selection of value-added details that encourage visitors to sign up and expand Chain Debrief’s user base.

A comprehensive dropdown menu

The dropdown menu was streamlined and categorised so that users can quickly identify their learning needs and navigate directly to the landing page for their selected course.

A table of dynamic data

This section provides real-time updates on cryptocurrency price changes. We worked on linking the dynamic data to various sources in order to provide quick and well-researched information for users.

Efficient content categorisation

We designed a visually appealing set of categories to guide the user through different stages of their cryptocurrency knowledge journey. This gives them clear expectations about what to expect at every stage of their courses.

Creation of more templates for scalable content

In order to support Chain Debrief’s goal to be a gateway of educational crypto content, we focused on crafting several web page templates that can be used for additional and future resources when needed:

  • article template
  • cryptocurrency template
  • protocol template
  • report template

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