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Making Cryptocurrency Exploration a Breeze for Users


ChainDeBrief - Nexus

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Website Design
WordPress CMS
Animated Design
Sitemap Design

ChainDebrief Nexus is earned as you learn cryptocurrency program. Read articles, watch videos and put your crypto knowledge to the test while growing your crypto stash along the way. We were been assigned to develop a comprehensive learning journey for the Nexus audience. Here’s what we successfully crafted:

A beautifully animated homepage was designed and developed to serve as an introduction to the Learn and Earn program from ChainDebrief.

Animated homepage and graphics to showcase professionalism

Great visuals and relevant animation help portray the professionalism of the company. We planned the inclusion of every visual element in careful detail.

A pleasing layout based on minimalism

The page layout acts as a journey for the user to find what they need, aided by succinct copy and strongly contrasted CTA sections.

Dynamic course template pages

The thumbnails were designed to provide more context for each lesson, with clear information that helps users parse through the selection of courses.

An organised and neat article template

We decided to simplify navigation for users by giving them a convenient overview of the page so that they always know where they are on the site. We implemented:

  • A sticky sidebar to display the table of contents
  • A clear and simple content structure
  • Easy navigation between each lesson

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