Empowering AIA Insurance Agents with Advanced Digital Tools

AIA iResource




UX & UI Design

Project Period

Aug 2017 – Sep 2019

iResource is like a swiss-army knife for AIA insurance agents. It is a personal workspace, library, presenter, and interaction centre for engaging clients – all in a single app.  

Today, iResource empowers over 4000 agents in Singapore, and hundreds more in Brunei. Every month, 18,500 hours are spent on it. Every week, 153 presentations are created.

iResource has transformed into something much bigger and better since we reinvented it with AIA. Till this day, we continue working with AIA to upgrade iResource, ensuring it evolves to stay ahead of the curve.

The Brief

 Helming one of the largest sales force in the industry, the prominence of AIA Singapore is undeniable. They were faced with the overwhelming challenge of rethinking the pre-sales experience, while digitally enabling a 5000-strong agency.

Back then, iResource was merely a mobile pre-sales tool. Reaching the end of its useful life, it simply was not engineered robustly enough to be scalable and continually enhanced in the long run. 

With AIA’s resolve to innovate and empower its next generation, iResource needed to be future-proofed urgently. 

AIA sought for a new vendor who could take iResource to the next level -That is where we came in.

Equipping an Industry Juggernaut

It is one thing for an app to be functional. Building an app to empower an army of agents is an entirely different story. 

From the Ground Up

iResource was our first ever project for the finance and insurance industry. With the local database sized at over one million customers, this was an enormous undertaking for us.

To build a top-notch user experience. we needed to understand the insurance industry, AIA, and the sales practice of the agents – all from scratch. 

Above all, we needed to determine what the role of iResource was to secure its success. Through a deep and fruitful collaboration between our UX designers, technical specialists, and AIA, we arrived at three core principles: Professionalism, Empowerment, and Personalization. These fundamentals would serve as guideposts to steer our efforts. 

Diving in Deep

Countless days and nights were spent on discussions, brainstorming, user and product studies, UX/UI design, app development, testing, and fine-tuning. In particular, our technology and design leads spent hours with AIA’s agents to meticulously understand their sales process and interaction with iResource.

Most importantly, we ensured that iResource can adapt agilely to evolving user needs. Behind the screens, we built a new system architecture that could serve AIA for years to come. 

iResource was ready to empower.

Learn Faster. Work Smarter. Sell Better.

That is the power of iResource. It helps you do all that, all from an iPad. 

It’s All at Your Fingertips

Policies, product briefs, campaigns, insights, announcements – anything you ever need is just a few taps away.

Forgot the premium you saw in a document earlier? Simply retrieve it under the “Recent” area. Need to search for that product brief with a long name? Autocomplete gets it done in a snap. 

The no-frills dashboard streamlines communication for utmost efficiency. Everyone is notified through the dashboard when management makes changes to documents. What’s more, announcements are disseminated through push notifications, so you do not miss a single update.

It’s Uniquely Yours

How is your workspace arranged? No two people have the same answer.

iResource lets you put things where you want them to be, with your favourites closer to you.

The tag function allows you to highlight information in over 16 colours, like creating a  virtual bookshelf with your own categories. Need to keep a document handy? Simply “favourite” it, and it will be pushed to the top of the list.   

It Helps You Sell

iResource transforms sales.

Everyone knows insurance should be personal. iResource enables that, even bringing the entire experience to life.

The iResource presenter lets agents present personalised content to clients according to their unique values and needs. Meeting a 50-year old entrepreneur? Simply store all relevant brochures in a folder to create a personalised sales pitch for him.

Need to explain a complex policy in a crystal clear manner? Simply immerse the client in a fun one minute game in the interactive sales tool to get your point across. Packed with vibrant mini-games and animations, the tool enlivens information most would otherwise consider boring.  

A Competitive Advantage

iResource has boosted AIA’s bottom line through increased agent productivity. 

Spearheading digitalisation in the insurance market, AIA has also become an employer of choice, particularly for digitally-inclined millennials.

Sales has been transformed, and so has coaching. Batch after batch of advisors can be trained in similar ways, with information consistently presented in iResource. Furthermore, leaders get to focus on higher-level coaching, with all basic information already available on iResource,

Whether it is impacting agent productivity and operating profits, or transforming customer engagement and coaching, one thing is clear- iResource has been a game changer for AIA Singapore. 

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