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Hello from the other side

Lasha Lasha | 12 December 2016

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the introductory post of yet another design blog. Called the JIN Design Blog, it is an initiative that stems from JIN Design itself – a Singapore-based UX and UI design company that focuses on providing an immersive and interactive digital experience for its clients.

… Aaand you didn’t understand a word of that.

Basically, we are a team of designers that design animated and creative apps/websites for anyone with a bit of money – businessmen, take note!

That’s right,

“we sit in front of a computer all day just so you can sit in front of your screens all night. :P”

Anyway, JIN Design was established on 28th July 2015, and is the brainchild of Yugene Lee. Previously, Yugene worked as a freelance digital designer for a couple of years, right up to the point of being fed up with the rigidity of design templates available for him to work with. And so, with one last look of disgust at outdated and boring standard templates, Yugene launched JIN Design.

Aimed at designing customizable yet professional user interfaces, JIN Design has since come a long way. Initially a one-man team, the company now comprises a nimble and close-knit team of one-man-still-plus-three-female designers and writers, and has previously worked with prominent organizations such as AIA Singapore, Mediacorp & Cat and the Fiddle… oh well, I shall leave the bragging for some other day

In this blog,

I will share in detail more about the design projects previously undertaken by JIN Design as well as provide sneak previews of up-and-coming ventures.

I will also review ongoing projects in their initial stages of development so keep an eye out for bloopers and mind-blowing design blunders!

Oh, how could I forget!

A female-dominated company as we are, I am most delighted to share with you news/gossip relating to JIN Design, and will also occasionally reveal some of the fun my team and I have during our downtime.

In case it isn’t obvious, this is a blog post. If you wish to add to the conversation or share my articles on various social media platforms, you are most welcome to do so. *hint hint*

Should you be keen on learning more about JIN Design, who we are and what we do, kindly visit our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact us at (+65) 9693 3801 or say We may be a female-oriented company, but we don’t bite. Only scratch 😀

Still reading this? Not bad! Thank you for visiting and reading JIN Design’s inaugural blog post, I look forward to greater interaction with my readers/naysayers in the near future.

Lastly, do subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date with our thread of topics and conversations. Remember, I have gossip to share! 😛

Like a Boss!