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03 Apr, 2017


Good-bye March, hello April!

The month of April, as we all know, begins with the all-too-popular April Fools’ Day. It’s a day that is celebrated by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes among friends and family, only for people to expose their pranks and shout, “April fool!” #yay #veryfool #muchfunny #haha

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been victims of this annual occurrence. We’ve all been fools before! To quote Google Dictionary, to be a fool means to act in a joking, frivolous, or teasing way. So, by that definition, JIN Design too happens to be a place full of fools. Oh yes, if only you knew!

Every Friday, come rain or shine, the entire team at JIN eagerly partakes in a highly cherished segment that has come to be so very integral to our mental wellbeing and productivity at work. Fun times!

Yeah, that’s the “highly cherished” and “so very integral” segment I’m talking about. It’s called fun times, but more often than not it’s funny times. See where I’m going with this?!

What? Didn’t find that funny? Hey, I did say JIN Design is full of fools!!! 😛

So here’s how it works. The concept of fun times basically revolves around the notion (and mutual understanding) that every once in a while – or once a week, in our case – employees and employers ALIKE should engage in a common out-of-work-perimeters activity together. So no, working on projects/attending meetings together or anything work-related does not qualify as a common activity. #notfunny

It can be anything! A quick lunch together, or a few minutes of simple exercises to get the mind off work and refresh itself. Really, anything. The whole idea behind such activities is to release some stress in a healthy manner, and also to get to know your colleagues and bosses a little better.

And that’s precisely what we do at JIN Design! We grab a couple of snacks and put away all laptops for a while. Instead, we discuss anything and everything under the sky. We catch up on movie trailers. We pick up on the latest design trends and get inspired. We make jokes. Boy, do we make jokes!

And sometimes, we bond over our mutual love for Milo ice cream and get fat together! #noragrets 😀

All before we head back to our desks and resume our work – this time, with minds reinvigorated and creativity renewed 😀

There you have it, a fine example of work-life balance! 😉

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