Our past designs: Apps (II)

Hey hey hey! What does the title of this blog tell you? You guessed it right, it’s time to rewind time and quickly take you through some of our remarkable design projects in the past – once more! #dejavu #samesamebutdifferent

For new readers or those wanting to quickly refresh their memory, click here for part (I) of this mini series. Here goes!

Cruise Ships of the World

Cruise Ships of the World hired JIN Design to come up with Cruise Ships of the World app for iPad, way back in 2015. Woah, 2015 sounds so long ago, so ancient..!

Designed primarily for professionals in the travel industry and cruise enthusiasts, the purpose behind this app is to provide the latest information on newly launched cruise ships. #atas

But wait! It also features other details such as Berlitz star ratings and exciting on-board facilities, which means commoners like you and I too are eligible welcome to use this app!

Fun fact: This project has been extremely well received by Cruise Ships of the World, and they continue to work with JIN Design to this day!

Intrigued to learn what’s so good about this app? I’ve got you covered 😉

Key features of this app include:

+ Introduction for close to 300 ships, including world’s leading cruises such as the Royal Caribbean and Aegean Odyssey

+ Star ratings and reviews by credible cruise industry professionals

+ Informative summary of ship facts and cruise facilities

+ Option to favourite featured cruise ships for quick and easy access

Well well, very well!

Muslim World

In the same ancient year of 2015, Muslim World too wished to have a slice of JIN Design! So, we were tasked to design an app that caters to practicing Muslims worldwide. #cosmopolitan #multicultural #harmony #internationallove

Relatively simple in concept, the app basically notifies users when it’s time for prayers, and with the help of an in-built compass, directs users towards the correct direction to pray in. It also notifies users of various prayer timings throughout the day. Muslims will get this 😛 #fivetimesaday

In summary, key features of this app include:

+ A compass needle that accurately detects location and points in the direction of the nearest mosque

+ Beautiful, relaxing wallpapers that alternate themselves to match the prayer time of the day

A fantastic idea for an app, don’t you think?

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