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Good morning, World!

Well, half of the world. Since the other half is probably asleep. As a result of the Earth spinning on its axis… you know? Yeah. Anyway, today’s blog post will be a li’l different from the previous JIN Design blog posts published thus far. (If you’re new to this channel, click here to start from the top!)

This week’s blog will rewind time and quickly take you through some of our remarkable design projects in the past. Recent past, obviously!

Here’s one!


myDelivery is an iOS app designed by JIN Design in 2015 for myDelivery, the company. #duh!

This app enables users to track their parcels and receive up-to-date information about the delivery status of their items by cleverly syncing user’s email address and phone number to activate and manage myDelivery services. FedEx, DHL and UPS are some of the delivery partners myDelivery is currently working with.

My my, I’ll say! I reckon us ladies could certainly benefit from such advanced technology, if you know what I mean? Online shopping, that’s right 😉

Oh look, there’s more! Key features of the app include:

+ Convenient access to app with automatic log-in facility via Facebook or email

+ Rescheduling and redirecting parcels based on user’s availability

+ Step-by-step tutorial to assist user when signing up and using app

+ Instantly approving and proceeding to make e-payment for custom charges

Just one word to describe it all – WOW!



Wellistar approached JIN Design to design the Wellistar beauty app in early 2016. (That’s recent, see?)

The app employs a four-step process and aims to help users book an appointment with hair stylists and make-up artistes ahead of their event day. Additionally, clients can also pick their choice of hairdo/make up before proceeding to make payment online. Talk about efficiency! 😀

Some key features of this app are:

+ Choosing from a range of packages offered

+ Going cashless through online payment options

+ Recommended hairdos for each event-type to assist customers

All very impressive, I’m sold! What about you?

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