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A digital design studio founded in 2015, we focus on User Experience and Interface Design.

Leveraging on our design skill set to craft highly functional digital experiences, we dedicate professionalism to quality design.

As a team, we bring our heads together to ideate and deliver the best design solutions, helping businesses communicate and innovate in a user-friendly way.

Jodie Yeo

UX/UI Designer

Juggling between being a
designer and a budding
writer, Jodie brings much
laughter to the team with
her quirky antics and puns.

Yun Ying Teh

Project Director & UX/UI Designer

The superwoman of our team.
She works closely with everyone,
caring for knick-knacks of the
company, and getting projects
done in quick succession!

Yugene Lee

Managing Director & UX/UI Designer

The face and voice of the company,
Yugene brings multi-tasking to the
next level by assuming the roles of
CEO, Designer and not forgetting,
the father figure of the ladies.

Apribelle Seah

Visual Director

A diva with a loud fashion sense,
Belle holds a distinction in eating
spicy food. With an adaptive style,
her designs definitely spice things
up a notch!